Proper decoration of dissertation

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Any scientific work, including the dissertation, is published in strict accordance with the requirements. Each page must have through numbers. In the text it is impossible to add all sorts of inserts, add-ons - for this there are separate pages of the dissertation.

The publication of scientific works is made only in the case of their correct design. So, the numbering of pages in the thesis begins with the title leaf, the first page. However, it is not put on it. It is not put on the second - only from the third page should be put on its number, pointing in the upper right corner the numbers from 3 and further on the increasing. You can not put a double number or leaving a page without numbering.

Candidate dissertation or doctoral dissertation

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What to do: write a diploma yourself or order a job as a specialist?

What to do: write a diploma yourself or order a job as a specialist? What is a diploma for a student? This is a summary of all his learning, this is an indicator of literacy and ability to work with literature. The diploma reflects the full picture of the knowledge of the student and the skills to apply them in practice. But what to do when you write a diploma yourself just not enough time?

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Where to find primary sources for a future dissertation?

Before writing the dissertation, it is necessary to first familiarize themselves with the existing publications on the chosen topic. In addition to drawing up a list of primary sources, this approach will help to significantly expand the awareness of the applicant within the framework of the problem of the circle outlined in the upcoming scientific research.

The Internet, special electronic databases, traditional catalogs of well-known major libraries, analytics, abstract magazines are provided in writing dissertation. It is also worth useful of various articles, textbooks, footnotes in scientific work on publishing related topics. There will be invaluable help and viewing of decisions, laws and decrees in this field, the study of publications in specialized periodicals.

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